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Nyckelord: Dtps. Taiwan Red Cat 'Red Cat'

Inlägg med Dtps. Taiwan Red Cat 'Red Cat' som nyckelord.

Ja just det. appropå färgen och mönstret på D.Enobi Purple 'Splash', hittade en annan kul sak på Honolulu Orchid Society hemsida ( ). Eller vad sägs om den här Dtps. Taiwan Red Cat 'Red Cat'. De skriver bland annat "This is an eye-catching Phalaenopsis with unusual color and flaring around the edges of the flowers. The plant owned and grown by Orchid Center in Waianae, Hawaii is a clone blooming for the first time. The flowers have a natural spread of 3-3/4 inches."

Nyckelord: Doritaenopsis Taiwan Red Cat 'Red Cat', Dtps. Taiwan Red Cat 'Red Cat', Doritaenopsis

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