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I was wondering if anyone uses coconut husk chips for growing orchids? My company specializes in coconut husk based orchid & other growing mediums. Nature's Bounty Sri Lanka - Contact person Mr. Andre Balthazaar

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11/2 -13

coconut husk chips er bra odlingskompost men det er säkert för dyr att frakta hem

13/2 -13

Thanks John, In small quantities, yes, it can be expensive. We are looking for a distributor for our products; a company or person who can import a full container load 20' (10 MT = 2,000 X 5 KG Blocks)

13/2 -13

Hello John,

I grew several orchids in coconut husk chips years ago that I imported from the USA and it worked very well.

18/2 -13

Thanks Lorraine, The husk chips you imported from the USA most likely originated in Sri Lanka - WWW.ECOPEAT.COM

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