What I experienced at SVT

I worked for three years as an Interaction Designer at SVT, the Swedish public service TV broadcaster. While helping to build some great video services (and games) I developed my ability to think strategically, learned to appreciate Scrum and met hundreds of persons to validate interaction concepts.

During my tenure at SVT I worked with great strategists such as product owner Malin Ströman. I want the artefacts I work on to have impact and Malin helped me incorporate strategic thinking into my processes.

A basic tenet of SVT is inclusion. Practically we achieved inclusion by building web services and sometimes using native apps as a complement or for distribution. It was a fascinating challenge to help SVT create usable and useful services with all the possibilities and limitations that the web offers while leveraging native app platforms for specific tasks.

SVT is organized around a Scrum process with teams of developers, graphic designers, testers, concept developers and of course an interaction designer. I worked in several teams, always in close relation to the product owner while continuously involving other team members, editors and external decision makers in my processes.

While at SVT I interviewed, workshoped with or conducted usability tests with over 500 persons. The value of meeting the persons who use our services and the spectrum of insights gained from these encounters never ceases to amaze me!

Do you want to develop alongside great people and while building important stuff? Have a look at the current job openings at SVTi.

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