We are eating the software creation process

Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Netscape, said in 2011 that “Software is eating the world”. What Marc saw was a transformation from DVDs to streaming, from cameras to software in smart-phones, from bookshops to e-books, etc.

I think a similar transformation is happening now, but in digital product creation: We ux/product designers are eating the software creation process. It’s a good development and your team should take advantage of it.

Over the last ten years we have gone from doing visuals to information architecture, then interaction design, on to product/concept design and now we help define product strategy. Coming soon: marketing, growth, …

The work I and other ux designers now do has always been done – by for example a project manager, a visual designer or a programmer. But by using the tools we user-centered designers have – our processes and methods – the team is more likely to create products that are successful.

We product designers
– understand the problem or opportunity
– do user research to gain insights
– ideate together with the team
– create low- and high fidelity prototypes and visuals
– engage the team to test with real users
– learn and iterate

On top of visual design, this process has proven to be powerful for interactions, concepts, strategies and editorial and it can be powerful in other areas such as marketing and growth. I believe that is why we designers are eating the software creation process.

How can your team benefit from a ux designer like me? Get in contact – I am sure we can find a project or permanent position where my skills and process will add value.

Pac-Man by Namco.

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