The joy of delivery management

Sumikkogurashi characters

At EIDU I spent the first half of 2019 being the Berlin based glue between the product managers (based in Nairobi) and some of the developers, designers and content creators (based in Berlin). I did what Marty Cagan calls delivery management.

A unique thing about EIDU is that all work is voluntary for all employees. No-one tells the developers or designers what to do. They all choose to take on work – or not.

Therefore, on top of what Marty describes as delivery management, my work also included convincing my colleagues to participate in the work that I and the product managers wanted to get done.

I quite liked helping the product managers by breaking down the epic into stories, figuring out which roles were needed, etc.

But what really got my heart pumping was to work with my fantastic colleagues to help them do their work. I rewrote stories. I organized standups. I baked cookies. And my colleagues chose to participate in the work with great energy, knowledge and passion.

It was a true joy to work with them.

This lifts my spirit at work

Curious George

When I am a catalyst towards social justice and inclusion of the extremes of human abilities.

When i help my team have a good product strategy and make good product design choices by focusing on serving humans.

When I help you be brave and curious.