The Interaction Equation

+Value = Entity X + Entity Y
(+ = interaction) (value = relationship) (= [equals to] needs to be)

Interaction is all about entities and the relationship they have in common. The entities may be two people or one person and a machine (or two machine, but currently I am not all that interested in the agent phenomenon).

The small formula above has a plus on the left side. That is of cause redundant, but it is there to signify the importance that positivity has in interactions.

When two entities interact, there can be a number of outcomes, value wise. If entity x bring along +1.0 value and entity y contribute -2.0, then the relationship that they have will be negative. However, it both entities contribute 1.0 or more, the interaction will be positive. Simple, huh? :)

But, really, what does this mean?

In reality, we all all, always, part of interactions. Me and my boyfriend, me and my boss, me and you, we are interacting. In each interaction I (and the other entity in the interaction) can choose to contribute or take. (I.E. add or substract.)

Contribution (and subtraction) can take a lot of forms. Tone of voice, ratio of questions to answers, accuracy of interpretation etc are all forms of contributions/subtractions.

The big, glaring secret is that interactions need to be positive. The equation need to add up. If one entity take more then the other give, or if both entities are set on taking, well, then you will create no interaction. There will be no value.

And creating value is what interacting is all about.