Paper Prototyping in User Experience Design

Part 2 of 9 in the series Deliverables.

Barnkanalen is the kids channel and kids web platform at SVT. At we have had an interactive coloring book for a few years. Our editors publish books with pictures of characters from our shows and the kids can then color the pictures on our various sites. This is really popular among our younger visitors so in May 2013 we where tasked with enhancing the functionality of the painting book. I used Paper Prototyping as my main tool to define the interactions in the editorial interface before it was developed.

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We are eating the software creation process

I think a transformation is happening in digital product creation: We ux/product designers are eating the software creation process. It's a good development and your team should take advantage of it. Marc said...

Pac-Man by Namco.

Published in process.

Foundations for better restaurant sites

Part 9 of 9 in the series Deliverables.

Plate with food

To design better restaurant sites I interviewed six persons. From the discussions I got eight insights. Among them are that sites are used by newbies and regulars, that reviews are super valuable, that we want to imagine the restaurant visit before it happens, and more. The insights can help when building new sites/apps or evaluating existing ones. 8 things the site needs to enable