Design Hotels: An Interview with a Fan

Part 6 of 9 in the series Deliverables.

My boyfriend Bernie is an avid fan of Design Hotels, a company that represents and markets a hand-picked collection of hotels from across the globe. Bernie appreciates the curation work that Design Hotels has done and especially likes that he can get to know the persons who have built and now run the hotels. However, after a redesign of the site two years ago Bernie could no longer log in to his account or book stays via the site. Hear my interview with Bernie.

A better blog with Series’ and Collections

My blog suffered from not having an easy way of grouping posts about the same topic. I solved that by build functionality to represent Series'. The blog software did not give me the possibility of giving more valuable posts more focus. Collections are my reply to that challenge. Together they make my blog more fun to play with, and more expressive. What I built to make it better.