Human-centered product design in 2019

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In a commercial environment “being human-centered” is a philosophy, a belief that focusing on humans when defining and delivering products will be valuable to the organization.

“Design” is also a philosophy, a set of method stances for solving wicked problems such as those posed when we want to make it possible for humans to change with the help of a product.

My view is that in the product definition work the role of product designer contains the roles of ethnographic researcher, concept developer, interaction specialist, information architect and possibly art director. The latter three roles are also done by the product designer during delivery.

Being a human-centered product designer thereby means that I choose to include humans in the design-adhering methods that I use to understand desires, create solution concepts, and ensure usability.

Defining a product

Part 3 of 5 in the series Human-centered product design in 2019.

Pusheen watching movie on phone

What is needed to define a digital product? And which are some 2019 job role titles that does the needed work?

Pusheen by Claire Belton.

* “In this context, ethnographic research is the study of how people live their lives in order to better understand their behavior, motivations, needs and aspirational wants to inspire new design. This approach is comprised of various methods including interviews, observations, role-playing games and journey mapping.”
– Ovetta Sampson, IDEO Chicago and DePaul University, 2018 EPIC Proceedings, ISSN 1559-8918,

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