Big is beautiful, but repetitive is powerful

Weddings are wonderful events that celebrate love. But it’s the date nights that make the love flourish.

I am in awe of humanity’s collective accomplishments in art, music and engineering. But they are the sum of many people taking small steps forward.

A design research projects can define the outlines of a new product. But it’s in the continuous discovery work that the real value of the product is created.

Don’t get caught up in the allure of the big. Real progress happens a little at a time. Do smaller. Repeat.

Which is the best way to craft digital products?

It might be that I’m a crappy designer, but I never create something on my own that is as good as something that I have crafted with someone else. I co-create with Charlie, Sabrina and Nasia

From ”Let us build” to ”Let us understand (and maybe build)”

Sometimes a project is started based on a feeling that a designer, engineer or manager has. However, what we choose to build should be "directed" by our users. Is there a way of getting user driven in a project that started based on internal feelings? I think Krste has found a way!