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Thoughts About Interactions (Blog).

Interaction & Usability Designer

Passionate about being the user's representative in the design of products and services. Thrive when influencing behaviour by combining evidence, technology and design to solve problems and create growth. Together with strong teams I enable experiences for hundreds of thousands of persons.

Mobile and Web Developer

Enjoy building efficient sites that are beautiful on mobiles and desktops. Curious about emerging technology and knowledgeable about accessibility.

Community Cultivator

Love to enable relationships between people via web based services that create value for the individuals and the enabling company.

Skills & Tools

Helping people have great experiences

Over the years I have come to realize that my dad, Anders, achieves the same thing I want to achieve – but he does it in a profoundly different way.

Dad works as a scenic designer in an amateur theatre ensemble. During rehearsals I remember him sitting on almost all seats and walking in and out of the theater hall again and again.

He told me that for audience members the experience starts even before arriving at the theater. Entering, sitting and having champagne in the break is all part of that experience.

Therefore one part of his job is to make those moments and transitions at least pain free and hopefully even pleasurable and memorable. On top of that comes the job of helping create the magical illusion that is at the heart of great theater.

Skills in practice

Interactive Prototype

Prototypes are good for a lot of things: usability studies, testing ideas and as an internal communication tool. For a guideline project I helped create an iOS app prototype. The process was fun and gave us many insights.

Interactive prototypes are great!

A/B Test

In May 2014 development of Barnplay.se was winding down but two of my colleagues, Simon and Emil, was haunted by a feature they did not feel was implemented optimally.

An A/B Test that made me change my mind

Paper Prototype

In May 2013 we where tasked with enhancing the functionality of the painting book at SVT. I used Paper Prototyping as my main tool to define the interactions in the editorial interface before it was developed.

Paper Prototyping in UX Design (Video)

Theoretical Research

When working on the communication strategy for a vacation apartment on our family farm Smultronboda I and my sister Åsa took a theoretical approach to understanding farm tourism and rural tourism in general.

Understanding farm tourism (Video)

Heuristic evaluations

As part of understanding the problems in ones product, a heuristic evaluation can be valuable.

androidpit.com · Drippler

A few participatory design methods

Distilling chaos into structure

I'm a collector. Early on it was stamps, figurines and comic books (Marsupilami is a favourite). Nowadays my butterfly net is filled with orchids of the genus Cattleya, fabulous rhums and colourful shirts.

While there are many reasons people collect, for me collecting is about "completing the set", so having tried all rhums from Martinique feels quite nice.

Creating an information architecture where all content items fit and the structure conveys a clear message gives me the same feeling of completion. Having developed an interaction concept that is so profound that it helps answer almost all questions the developers have also gives me that great sensation.

Selected projects

There are problems to be solved

I sometimes think that Homo sapien sapien's greatest asset and biggest problem is that we strive for community while also being egoistic.

The degree of egoism versus desire for community vary by individual but in general Swedes are highly egalitarian. Småland in southern Sweden is mine and IKEA's place of birth. People from Småland are said to be stingy but enterprising – for example Ingvar Kamprad is portrayed as such.

I strive to be entrepreneurial and egalitarian – I enjoy making money but I know that there are grave injustices that need to be solved in the world.

Currently I think and talk a lot about Russia and the Kremlin wanting to be a "bastion of global conservatism" against "fruitless so-called tolerance".

More locally, in Sweden, major problem at the moment are the situation of trans people and of people in Romani groups.

I have (had) the honor of working with:

Education and memberships


Some people have kids. Other couples get a pet. Me and my partner Bernie have shared parentage of a magical unicorn, embodied in a fluffy plush toy. I call it Unicorn and it's best friends with a banana flower and a water lily.

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