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Björn Johansson, +46 76 882 1510, bjorn@neovita.com
Thoughts About Interactions (Blog).

Digital design generalist

It starts with an opportunity. In the discovery phase we research the problem space and synthesize our understanding of user needs and corporate strategy. Creative methods help us build concepts and prototypes to validate with users. The visual language is crafted to promote an emotional connection and guide the user in the interface. Text and graphics are made understandable and valuable. Throughout development and release I ensure that high quality standards are upheld. Scrum and Kanban inspire my methods for keeping all stakeholders informed – especially the development team is always kept up to date.
I am creative and structured.

I have (had) the honor of working with:

Ooohhh, that would be fun!

In my favorite projects I get to work with eager clients, smart strategists and skilled graphic designers (and no weapons or unsustainable power).

I love when I can make lasting contributions and UX work is held in high esteem. To me projects are efficient when we strike a balance between speed and thoughtfulness.

I want to help create profitable, game changing artefacts with excellent finish. While doing so, we should have fun.

Selected projects

Distilling chaos into structure

I'm a collector. Early on it was stamps and comic books (Marsupilami is a favourite). Nowadays my butterfly net is filled with orchids of the genus Cattleya, fabulous rhums and colourful shirts.

While there are many reasons people collect, for me collecting is about "completing the set", so having tried all rhums from Martinique feels quite nice.

Creating an information architecture where all content items fit and the structure conveys a clear message gives me the same feeling of completion. Having developed an interaction concept that is so profound that it helps answer almost all questions the developers have also gives me that great sensation.

UX skills in practice

Interactive Prototypes

Prototypes are good for a lot of things: usability studies, testing ideas and as an internal communication tool.

An interactive iOS prototype


Interviews help me understand the life, problems and desires of those that will use the artefacts that I help design.

Interviews with "users"

Heuristic evaluations

As part of understanding the problems in ones product, a heuristic evaluation can be valuable.

androidpit.com · Drippler

Creative Workshops

I wanted to introduce my colleagues to the user experience parts of a new project we are working on so I held a paper mockup session.

Creative Workshops (video)

Usability Tests

Very short usability tests help me prove if my solutions for important details in my artefacts work or if I have to “go back to the drawing board”.

Quick usability tests

Paper Prototypes

We where tasked with enhancing the functionality of the painting book at SVT. I used Paper Prototyping as a tool to define the interactions.

Paper Prototyping in UX Design (Video)

A/B Tests

Development of Barnplay.se was winding down but two of my colleagues where haunted by a feature they felt was not implemented optimally.

An A/B Test that made me change my mind

Theoretical Research

When working on the communication strategy for a vacation apartment on our family farm Smultronboda we took a theoretical approach.

Understanding farm tourism (Video)

Longitudinal research and testing

A longitudinal study with up to 100 participants has the potential to combine the best of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Long-distance Relationships

Guided Explorations

In a guided exploration I let a person immerse themselves in a system and touch on points in the artefact that we want to validate.

Guided Explorations

Industries I have worked in

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